Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why Writing and Coffee go Together

A lot of people wonder why it's so common for writers to be found at coffeehouses. I know I often make fun of the phenomenon myself, and I've also been one of those writers, typing away at my laptop, somehow finding inspiration within the noisily quiet establishment. You may ask what it is that attracts writers to coffeehouses? Well, the easiest answer is the free wifi generally offered at most of them. It's practically a staple, and while it helps, it's only half accurate.

While the wifi, the coffee and the soft alternative music is usually a nice addition, it's not necessarily the draw. What is then?

Unlike some places, you can go to a coffeehouse and even when everyone in there is talking, it's pretty peaceful. Somehow, it tends to be a place where people mind their manners and don't talk so loud that everyone can hear them. Maybe it's because of the relaxing music, the delicious coffee, or the distracting wifi, but something about a coffeehouse makes people calm down and relax.

So next time you've hit a wall in your writing, take your laptop with you to your favorite coffeehouse, curl up in a reclusive corner with a nice hot latte, and let the atmosphere wash over you. Even if you're not a coffee drinker, a nice cup of tea is also an amazing writer's companion.

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